"Ornamental similarities: From the Caspian to the Baltic" Lecture

The lecture presented by Latvian Professor Ieva Krūmiņa on the subject “Ornamental similarities: From the Caspian to the Baltic”

Ieva Krumina: “I have prepared presentation on very surprising similarities in Latvia, in Baltic and in the Caspian region ethnic art. Because there are many elements, principles of compositions, also color scales and some kind of inner feelings, which are very common to artifacts from Azerbaijan, from Latvia, from Turkey and from Iran. I want to share with you the acquisitions and latest discoveries”

She was born on February 1964 in Riga

1992-1993 Latvian Academy of Arts. Master
1984-1989 Latvian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Textiles. Bachelors.
1979-1983 Riga College of Applied Arts

Professor, Head of the Textile Department. Latvian Academy of Arts
She is a member of Latvian Artists' Union and Latvian Association of Textile Artists