Irina Eldarova artworks animation video

The UNIIVERSE conducts an experiment on an ARTIST and instills a set of ovaries, lacteal glands ...... and SPECIFIC emotional sensitivity into physical entity.
A WOMAN-AN ARTIST is "silhouetted" in such way.
Questions and answers arise: "TO BE A WOMAN"? or "TO BE AN ARTIST"?
Both are presented in me.
Whole my life I am "sailing" via WAVES-THEMES, because QUESTIONS-VERTICALS never present to me permanent ANSWERS-HORIZONTALS.
ROAD. PATH. The perception is formed, that these are TIME EXPERIMENTS, actually, these are THE ANSWERS.
I was fortunate, as I came to the earth with LOVE.
Everything I do, whether I set the sunrise in my studio, or paint pictures, or love a man, or bring up children….TACITLY... this is LOVE.

The Project consists of screening of motion graphics and animation based on the works of Irina Eldarova.

Irina Eldarova is a mature and serious artist, her creative works is highly reputable and demanded, she has been awarded titles of Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan, member of Russian Academy of Fine Arts. She strongly believes that enjoying the art should not be bound by established rules and ‘rituals’. Inbher recent works she boldly mixes-up the reality, memories and dreams, her paintings are nostalgic, ironic and melancholic at the same time, they are inviting the viewer to feel the joy of life pulsating across the harsh industrial landscapes and everyday rutines of an urban megalopolis.