Songs by Azerbaijani-Latvian singer Leilali

Singer LEILALI (Leila Alijeva) is born in Azerbaijani and Latvian family, raised in Latvia.She has very strong and diverse roots, coming from both cultures.
In 2011 Leila Alijeva went to Azerbaijan to deepen her knowledge about her roots and cultural heritage trough music of mugham. She was learning depths of Azerbaijanian traditional music with master of mugham Qazanfar Abbasov.
In her creative music work, she combined two traditional music styles and turned them into synergy between hearts of the people. For three and a half year she studied in Azerbaijan mugam music and singing. And both of her cultures made her sound very unique and unusual.
She has participated in many festivals bringing richness of both cultures through music. In her music, she continues to bridge people from different backgrounds and traditions to awareness of unity. As diversity where we are coming from makes us colourful, and should be celebrated.
LEILALI has recorded two albums “Samtainā Tumsa / Glowing Dreams “ 2018, and “NUMINOUS/inspired by Inin Nini” 2020