Multiculturalism and Tolerance - Tour to Quba


The festival will travel to the city of Quba, one of the largest cities of Azerbaijan, located in the north of the country. Quba is famous for its historic sights such as Juma Mosque, Gilgilchay Fortress, and the world's last surviving Shtetl, a small Jewish village,  a common occurrence throughout the Russian Empire and the Eastern Europe. This small city acts as  a perfect reminder of Azerbaijan’s multiculturalism and its historic interracial tolerance.

Quba is also well-renown for its carpet-weaving traditions. The carpets are mainly woven by women, each responsible for a certain part of the process coming together in picturesque carpets that carry deep meanings intertwined in ornaments and symbols. The all-female run workshop will be visited as a great example of sustainable creative practices that support female empowerment.