When Tomatoes met Wagner

When Tomatoes met Wagner



Movie DirectorMarianna Economou





VenueNizami Cinema Center

The mountain bound plain of Thessaly has always provided food to Greek farmers. Recently, due to the economic crisis, they have reached rock bottom. In the middle of the plain, however, in Elias, a farming village of thirty three inhabitants, with no shops, a school or even a priest, Christos, a traditional farmer, turns his land to the organic cultivation of tomatoes. In the back end of his cousin Alexandros’ house, village women start to pasteurize the tomato and hand package it as tomato paste and meals. Soon, the little jars find their place on the shelves of organic stores across the world. The film follows developments as the ‘business activity’ sets off and the small community opens up to the world . This is a story about an ordinary rural community, where things start to happen in an extraordinary way. After centuries of introversion, the tomato stirs up life and the thirty three elderly inhabitants must respond to a new reality. On top of this, Alexandros plays Wagner in the tomato fields, uses stories and local myths to market the products and convinces people from all over the world to visit Elias.