Carolina Falkholt



Carolina Falkholt (born 1977) is a Swedish artist known for her characteristic monumental wall paintings. Falkholt has developed her art form of graffiti by combining painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, text, music and video. Her work challenges old ideas of gender stereotypes and the use of the female body. Her work has been included in multiple museum exhibitions, most recently in Wanås Konst, Gothenburg Museum of Art, and Eskilstuna Art Museum.In addition to spray paint and drawing, Carolina Falkholt practice involve collage, sculpture, installation, performance, film and photo. She often builds up her drawings with endless amounts of circles creating a web, sometimes over vibrant colors. Typical motifs she has been investigating in her art is connected to the body, like eyes, ears, mouth, hands and the vagina. In many of her paintings of hands it is actually letters, since she is using Swedish Sign Language in her art. She is also a musician and has released records as part of her artistic practice. In several projects she has initiated various forms of collaboration with other artists, musicians, the public and organizations. In 2010, Falkholt realized the big project Graffiti Mariestad that circulated around a now demolished silo in Mariestad harbor. In 2015 she made a huge mural as a commission for the highschool Parkskolan in Ystad.