Irina Eldarova



Irina Eldarova was born in Moscow in 1955 and was introduced to oil painting at the age of 7. She graduated from Moscow State Arts School in 1974 and continued her art studies in St. Petersbourg’s famous Surikov Art University. In a career spanning thirty years Irina is best known for her interpretation of modern day social and political scene as well as reflection on modern society, its beauty and temptations. First coming into prominence in 1983 in her first exhibition in Moscow’s Manej Central Exhibition Hall, she had over 100 exhibitions worldwide including: Phillips de Pury London, Paris Mansion Salomon de Rothschild, Exhibition Hall of Berlin, Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow, Rome MAXXI – Spazio D and Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in Vienna, Russian Arts Academy and Moscow Modern Arts Museum, where her works form part of the permanent exhibit. Irina’s marble installations graces one of the most prominent underground stations in Baku, Azerbaijan. She was awarded best artist in media award by the President’s Press Office in Kazakhstan. Irina curates for the Azerbaijan Fine Arts Museum and frequently lectures in the State Art University.