Leyli Gafarova



Leyli's educational background was fiction cinema - during her studies she has been working closely with actors and was interested in asking moral questions around human relations. Often portraying women as main characters, she was researching the concept of polygamy through moments of infidelity in traditional relationships. She was creating realistic scenes of unconventional situations, but at the same time trying to gain empathy by concentrating on emotions. When graduating for master's degree Leyli worked on a documentary film which was shot by the main character herself - in a form of a diary. By selecting scenes from her own life, she created a narrative which was more symbolizing and reflecting on the society and culture we both shared. Using anthropological cinema, Leyli creates chronicles with a narrative exploring events of everyday life with attention to character study, drama and intimacy what helps her to understand social and political implications around the complexity of inequality. Her practice centers around processes, research and discoveries. She's interested in subjects like national identity, gender, urbanism and (self)- censorship. When producing works she searches for ways to question what is natural and what is constructed.