Salim Babullaoglu



Salim Babullaoglu (born 1972) - a famous poet, one of the prominent representatives of the "new wave" of Azerbaijani poetry, an essayist, translator. His poems were translated into dozens of languages all over the world. He is a laureate of many national and foreign (Turkey, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan) prizes and was nominated for the European Poet of Freedom in 2018. The author of books and poetry collections: “Lonely” (Baku-1996), “Songs performed in June” (Istanbul-2006), “Dedication to a heartbeat” (Wroclaw-2007), “Ten” (Baku-2008), “A woman walking against wind” (Tabriz-2009),“ Notebook of drawings by Ilyas Gochman ”(Baku-2009), “Hymn of people in mask” (Kiev, 2009), “Evening at the Kapelhouse ”(Baku-2009),“ Nobody writes to the Colonel ”( Baku-2010), “Commentary of Snow” (Tbilisi-2010), etc. S.Babbullaoglu is a chairman of the Center for literary translation and literary relations, member of the Board of Writers of Azerbaijan.