Samira Eskandarfar



Born in 1980 in Tehran, graduated from Iranian Youth Cinema Society with a Film-making degree in 2003. She later participated in Abbas Kiarostami's film-making workshops in 2005. She is also a painter and video artist. Since 2000 she has been exhibiting her works in twenty-four solo exhibitions and more than eighty group shows in Iran and abroad. Eskandarfar has made seventeen short-films and videos which she has shown extensively at festivals, exhibitions and screenings all around the world. "Root Canal" is Eskandarfar's first experimental feature film which was completed in 2013. She finished making her second feature film in 2017. She is now in the process of making her third feature film. Her works have been exhibited in many museums and galleries across the world and acquired by London Tate Modern and n.b.k in berlin.