Victor Ben Tzvi



Victor Ben Tsvi was born in Georgia (USSR) in 1977. Academic studies: [1] Politics and Philosophy. University of Haifa, 2004. [2] Master Thesis work – Genuine perception and Cognitive Content formation. In university, I became interested in Photography, and continuously educated and refined myself in the art and craft of the medium, printing and lighting. I’m an art photographer from Israel, passionate about pure photographic expression, exploring the beauty of Classic Black and White medium, Large Format camera work (4×5”) and theatric illumination, as a creative and poetic means. In my photo-poems, I’m seeking for “Splendour growing from within mundane”, to live the themes that captivate me through the Act of Photography, to unveil the sublime and the sway in them – to evoke a gaze, to pronounce a will, to inspire a vision. For several years, I’ve been active in other fields of interest, while still unhurriedly and steadily evolving my ongoing Photo-Poems, and periodically working on commissions and assignments. Recently, after acquiring an all new Linhof Master Technika Camera set (one of the most noble photographic instruments), and developing a new body of works, I’m resuming an active grow and promotion of my abiding passion – Photography.