Xenia Fink



Xenia Fink's practice encompasses works on paper, animation, and installations. Drawing and narration are the basis for exploring different forms of story-telling which develop amongst pieces of a series and between the work and the viewer. The relations of the pictorial elements towards each other create a narration in the mind of the viewer. Her characters are searchers, in a state of dissolution; figuratively as well as literally they are fragmented. The images work is an associative way, as shortcuts to the ambivalent states they describe and thus avoiding a determined interpretation. Fink has been awarded several artist grants and had residencies at iscp in New York and Axenéo7 in Quebec, Canada. Her work has been exhibited in solo shows at institutions and galleries in Germany, U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico as well as been part of presentations in Italy, China and South Korea. Xenia Fink’s first solo show originally planned by curator Asli Samadova as a show at Ta(r)dino 6 Secret Location has expanded to the Museum of Modern Art to become a part of the International Festival of Contemporary Art on women empowerment ‘MAIDEN TOWER. To Be a Woman’ as a simultaneous two-part exhibition. Ta(r)dino 6 part of ‘Interiors’ exhibition invite us to explore the tension between public behavior, intimate thoughts, and anxieties that are products of our continuous desires. In the MOMA part of the exhibition drawings stylistically directs us to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Carefully staged as frames from a movie, these drawings invite the viewer to fill in the gaps and uncertainties.