Latvian National Day celebration

On 18 November 1918 our founding fathers laid foundations of the Republic of Latvia, created a transitional parliament and adopted the initial version of Satversme (Constitution).
It was a crucial step on our way to independence. Then, the chances were still tiny, and only on 26 January 1921 after the long military and diplomatic fighting the Allies of the World War I finally recognized Latvia de iure.
Nowadays Latvia is the succesful member of the European Union with strong economy, rich traditions and diverse culture. Latvia has friendly relations and good cooperation with Azerbaijan and looking forward to expand them even more.

"Our Land"
The National Guard Orchestra and R.2. R.S. issues a single and publishes a video for the song “Our Land” dedicated to “Lāčplēša diena”(Latvian Army Day)  and the 102th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia.

The composer, National Guard Orchestra musician Inga Meijere, created the music of the song “Our Land” while the authors of the lyrics are Artūrs Strēlnieks and Jānis Vēbersts. Solists – singer, National Guard musician Luīze Krasta and rap artist Artūrs Strēlnieks with stage (nick) name R.2 have performed the song. R.S., who daily is a soldier of the Military Police. The accompaniment has been played by the National Guard Orchestra under the leadership of the Chief conductor of the National Armed Forces and Master of the Orchestra of the National Guard, Andis Karelis, as well as the chorus of the National Guard, under the leadership of the elder guardsman, Ārijs Šķepasts.

The video clip of the song “Our Earth” is in cooperation with Latvijas Radio, the congregation of Riga Dome Church and the Ministry of Defence.

One of 21st century’s most ambitious cultural projects in Eastern Europe, DAUGAVPILS MARK ROTHKO ART CENTRE, is a multifunctional hub for contemporary art, culture and education, located in the historical artillery arsenal building of Daugavpils Fortress. It is the only place in Eastern Europe where visitors can see original works by Mark Rothko (1903-1970), the world-renowned Daugavpils-born American artist, master of abstract expressionism and color field painting.

“Colors” poem of Rasul Rza.
The poem “Colors” by a famous Azerbaijani Poet Rasul Rza was translated into Latvian by  a well-known Latvian Poet and Translater Uldis Bērziņs