Presentation by Leyla Khazari

Information about Leyla Khazari.
Leyla Khazari doesn’t only promote modern painting, it is not only looking for talented young authors, it is not only exhibiting the works of artists who are well-known and already established outside our country. Gallery is always open to all kinds of art. We hold master classes on oil painting at the Leyla Khazari art gallery. We often organize individual exhibitions not only of artists, but also of sculptors, photographers, concept dolls authors and tattoo artists. Connections with world galleries and beauty charms all over the world are growing and expanding with every day. Even the infamous coronavirus, which at first glance seems to be an obstacle, has allowed us to increase the capacity of our gallery tenfold. We have started working with social networks, and are preparing to conduct online auctions. From these sales we provide financial support for the fight against the pandemic.
The gallery has been operating for 2.5 years. During this time, in addition to what I have just mentioned, the gallery, held poetic evenings, creative meetings, lectures on conceptual puppets, presentations of documentaries. In addition, our gallery has been chosen as a venue for many art programs. The gallery is in partnership with the "Kaspi" newspaper, where we have a regular column, in which we publish information about artists and sculptors, place interviews. Every day new names are added to the list of great authors we collaborate with.

Authors whose works are displayed in the gallery:
Lyubov Mir-Cavadova
Yelena Hagverdiyeva
Rafail Aliyev
Mir-Azer Abdullayev
Samir Qaziyev
Hüseyn Hagverdiev
Parviz Huseynov
Irina Gundorina
Yaver Sultanov
Siruz Mirzazade
Arif Huseynov
Siruz Mirzazade

Information about the owner of the gallery Leyla Khazari.
I am not an artist, I studied economics. But painting has fascinating me for a long time, and I even went to master classes in painting. At some point, my love for painting and my desire to open an art gallery and the project "Leyla Khazari" came together. For me, this is not just a gallery where paintings are displayed and art works are sold. I can say that this is my Home. It is not only my home, its home of all beauty lovers, admirers of Azerbaijani culture and art. This is a place where my dreams came true.