#AFFECTUS2020 Photo exhibition

About project

The year 2020, in which we now live, has taken its rightful place in the world`s history. COVID19 the coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of every person and family by making changes in the society. The concern for the woman, who is the hearth keeper in the family, has multiplied.

Modern women are the core of family ties with their work and care in society, in the family, in all aspects of daily life, as well as in the status of mother, grandmother, wife, sister in society. On the one hand, the coronavirus pandemic, and at the same time the mother of a soldier who is fighting for the lands of the Azerbaijani homeland, makes her a carrier of another heavy social burden, like the mother of a martyr.

Every woman's life is a struggle. Every woman struggles, albeit differently, depending on the environment in which she was born and the society that surrounds her. Some try to live, some give the chances to live, some to study, some to educate, some to love, some to be loved. There are many such people in this world, and each of them has a different life story. With joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, gains and losses...

The project #AFFECTUS2020 demonstrates the projects created by the young representatives of the Azerbaijan Photographers Union in 2020. Each photographer describes the year 2020, which is marked by this historical significance, with a unique look and reveals current issues to the audience. The mother of the martyr, women's issues, portraits of housewives whose houses were destroyed in the war, a series of photos and interviews dedicated to women's humility and other similar events – reveals a woman's politeness, delicacy, endurance, her role in society.

* This project curated by Mirnaib Hasanoglu and Fakhriyya Mammadova.

About curators

Mirnaib Hasanoglu (b. 1962, Azerbaijan) has been the chairman of the Azerbaijan Photographers Union since 2011. Graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts (1989). Mirnaib has been working as a professional photographer since 1982. He is one of the authors of "Zarifa Aliyeva", "Azerbaijan", "Azerbaijani refugees", "Two photo-conversations about the tragedy" and photography books about Khojaly. He is the winner of "What is Khnolith", "Free Man", "Precious Water House" and other photo contests. He is the author of many photo exhibitions and projects. (

Fakhriyya Mammadova (b. 1974, Azerbaijan) is an artist, designer and photographer. She graduated from the Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts (2002). She is engaged in organizing exhibitions as a designer and photographer. She has been working at YARAT Contemporary Art Space since 2012. She is a member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Photographers of Azerbaijan. She is a participant of local and international exhibitions.