“Sari Gelin” lecture by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh. Song performance

Within the framework of the International Festival of Contemporary Art "Maiden Tower. To Be a Woman – Women for Peace", a famous Azerbaijani composer Firangiz Alizade will talk about folk song “Sari Gelin”.

In addition, we are pleased to present you the song "Sari Gelin" performed by famous Latvian ("Melo-M") and Hungarian (M a k á m) bands.

Firangiz Alizadeh - outstanding composer of Azerbaijan, UNESCO Artist of Peace, People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2000), Professor Firangiz Alizadeh is one of the most famous figures of modern Azerbaijani music culture in the world. Her works are performed by famous performers at the biggest concerts halls and theaters in foreign countries, as well as at international festivals. Her music was met with great sympathy by thousands of foreign listeners and gained fame in the largest international arena. Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan SSR (1990), corresponding member of ANAS (2017), professor (1999), People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2000), member of the Board of Trustees of the Baku International Center for Multiculturalism. Chairman of the Union of Composers of Azerbaijan.

The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Baku is very delighted to share with you the famous Latvian cello trio Melo-M performance of the Azerbaijani folk music “Sari Gelin”.
Performance of “Sari Gelin” by Latvian cello trio is a contribution to the people of Azerbaijan, symbolizing the solidarity.
Kārlis Auzāns, Miķelis Dobičins and Jānis Pauls formed Melo-M in 2005. Since then they have released five albums. The source material Melo-M chooses to interpret tends to be quite varied – pop, rock, folk and world, classical and contemporary. They have collaborated with many world-famous artists, have played and gained recognition in many countries.

The Embassy of the Republic of Hungry in Baku is very delighted to share with you the famous Hungarian Music band performance of the Azerbaijani folk music “Sari Gelin”.

M a k á m
Members of the band:
Bori Magyar– singing (voice)
Barbara Kuczera - violin, vocals (voice)
Zoltán Krulik - guitar, vocals (voice)
Boros Attila - bass guitar (acoustic bass)
David Eredics - wind instruments (clarinet, kaval, saxophone and flute)
László Keönch - percussion instruments (drums)

The Makám Ensemble established itself, as the godfather of Hungarian world music and at the same time has become a new member of this scene.
Makám ensemble was formed in 1984 by Zoltán Krulik. Until 1999, it mainly played instrumental ethno jazz. Their sound was nuanced with Balkan elements, near and Far Eastern roots music and African effects or repetitive elements of contemporary music. The more recent period from 1999 is characterised by a greater use vocals, elements of African-American music, jazz and by thematic albums.
It reformed for the 2009 album ’Yanna Yova’, and ever since this band that is constantly giving concerts around Europe has become younger. Its sound has become fresher and it seems they have opened themselves to the new wave of world music.