“Textile for Future” art project by Latvian Academy of Art

“Textile for Future”
Curator of the project: İeva Krumina

“In early 2020, teachers and students of the Textile Art Department of the Academy of Art of Latvia started working on the creation of a large-format textile project for the pharmacy services company “Roche Latvia”. A collection of textiles was created that will hear thematically about the values of “Roche Latvija” - the new generation of medicine, gene engineering and socially responsible business, while showing the mastery of Latvian textile art – mastery rooted in ethnic art, respect for material, high technical quality in conjunction with students' inventive and unconventional ideas. Student and teacher cooperation has produced the largest and most important order work for young artists, which will continue to be viewed in the new “Roche Latvia” office in the renowated building. The collection consists of 22 works, each of which is sovereign, with the ideas, stories, stylistic solutions and technical performances chosen by the new author in the wider range of classical to digitally programmed gobelenes, embroidery, wool felt wells, textile collages and original technics not yet named”.