International exhibition “O”

Man and woman existed for thousands of years, isolated with invisible wall. The Nature united them, but the Culture isolated them. That was the Culture which authorized and supported this isolation.

The time has come when a man and a woman must overcome this wall, bravely compromise each-other.

The time has come for a variety of the new roles of men and women. And this variation is impossible without the freedom — freedom of choice.

Rahman Badalov

The concept of the exhibition is dedicated to Women — their lives, roles in society, entertainments and problems. In the Azerbaijani language, the definition of HE and SHE do not have a difference and are represented as “O”. Only in the context one can see which gender is meant. And this is very symbolic, since the essence of the topic of gender equality is based on gender unity and equality.

The Artists
Shahnaz Aghayeva (Azerbaijan/Turkey)
Leyli Alekperova (Azerbaijan)
Irina Eldarova (Azerbaijan)
Farhad Nikfam (Azerbaijan)
Teresa Puig (Norway)
Vusal Rahim (Azerbaijan)
Nils Skapāns (Latvia)
Kārlis Vītols (Latvia)