Fidan Nazimgizi, “Women Warriors of Azerbaijan”

“I am from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan It is a part of the South Caucasus region and is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east. I want to write to you about the women living in the regions along with my photos. Women in the districts marry at a young age. Spouses go to other countries to earn money for a certain period of time. And so for years women live alone. Years later, the spouses start another life and they forgot their wives. There are so many mothers that they raise their children with great difficulty. They are very hardworking, they both take care of the house and work. Some of them sweep the streets from morning to evening, some work in the market, in the fields. Over the years, they grow old lonely. For example, in the photos I sent, the two women looking at the camera and the man next to them falling asleep can be the description of all this I wrote.”

“Women Warriors of Azerbaijan” The photos were taken in the years 2020–2023 in Ivanovka village of Ismayilli, Lankaran, Gryz village of Guba, Bibiyoni village of Lerik, Bilgah, Lankaran, Sabunchu, Baku.