“Azerbaijan. Here Today. Armed with the Arts” art project by QGallery

Virtuality should serve the reality

Curator - Emin Mammadov
Coordinator - Narmina Khalilova

Today, as the valiant Azerbaijani army has shown the whole world its might and all the Azerbaijan is celebrating victory in the Karabakh war, the “QGallery”, located in Baku, together with our Berlin-based branch “QGallery Berlin”, has initiated the online exhibition "Azerbaijan. Here Today. Armed with the Arts" from mid-October 2020 to show the solidarity of the peoples from different countries, to express good intentions for building a shared destiny of mankind, and to interpret the spirit of peaceful cooperation, openness, inclusiveness, and mutual learning. The aim of this art project is to recognize and support territorial integrity of Azerbaijan worldwide, to raise awareness on the way the ART serves as a positive catalyst to enhance the well-being of an individual, the society, and the environment. This exhibition is some kind of message to the world! No country can stand apart, and only solidarity and cooperation are the powerful peace making tool!

With all cultural institutions being closed in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, the art has rapidly turned and keeps turning into an online action. Basically, the coronavirus has forced cultural life to move to the Internet. The online exhibition "Azerbaijan. Here Today. Armed with the Arts" is constantly being updated, as the new artworks are added. Up to nowadays, the exhibition has already presented the artworks of more than 80 participants from 28 countries, including artists and sculptors from Argentina, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Jordan, India, Germany, USA, Iran, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Belgium, Ukraine, Greece, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Spain, Vietnam, Switzerland, Poland, and Colombia.

QGallery Baku and QGallery Berlin are honoured to participate this year in the International Festival of Contemporary Art "Maiden Tower. To Be a Woman" – 2020 with the art projects of 35 women-artists including artists, sculptors, photographers and others, participants of "Azerbaijan. Here Today. Armed with the Arts". All personal feelings that live in the soul of every woman and reflect the universal ideals of culture rise up and shudder to reject the idea of the threat of mass destruction and mass extermination of human lives. "To be a Woman - Women for Peace". This very call of the international festival definitely coincides with the main message of our online exhibition - Armed with the Arts!

For those wishing to participate, the request for participation to be submitted by sending the project (artwork) to The submitted project (artwork) can be already existing one, but it must reflect the idea and aim of the exhibition. There is no age limits for the participants, as for the art itself, and the participation is free. Art without limits!

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